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Which Industries Use Lifting Services

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  • 27-07-2021
Which Industries Use Lifting Services

Does your industry require heavy lifting? We look at Which Industries Use Lifting Services in the UK. This includes Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries.

Heavy Lifting Industries

Heavy lifting services are used in a range of industries and for a range of purposes. The techniques used are engineered to make the transportation and installation as easy as safe as possible at the time.  You need to look out for the quality of service being provided as well. 

If you have expensive equipment being moved around, but you don't have experienced workers helping with this move, you should ensure some supervision.

General Industry

Many companies have broad experience in the lifting industry and have seen many situations. 

These have great experience and can assist with your needs.

Maintenance & Assembly

Lifting services are used on all continents and for all aspects of the industry. They are used by a variety of companies to help construct or transport their products. 

There are different lifting machines and transport trailers designed for different products.

Civil Works

Many civil construction projects worldwide use heavy lifting machinery to lift and transport complex roof structures and structural materials. 

 Each design requires innovative solutions to make them unique, and heavy lifting machinery can help get more materials and better roofs.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

In a lifting company, you will want one with a good comprehension of the high standards currently held in the petrochemical, gas and oil industry today. 

These machines can be challenging to move and require heavy lifting gear for this job. There are also new techniques being used to help increase efficiency in lifting and transporting projects.

Minerals, Metal & Mining

The transportation of various materials and different machines for mining purposes is complex as they are generally heavy and quite expensive. 

Finding a company with the right equipment and experience to complete these tasks is crucial to keep your operations going safely.  

Gas Power Plants

Different methods may need to be used on-site, depending on the conditions. For the best outcome, using an experienced lifting service company is best in this situation. 

The companies also use new lifting and transportation techniques which might be helpful when adapting to the new changes.


Wind energy is a crucial part of clean energy being created in the UK. 

Some companies supply their cranes and other lifting machinery to support this and help transport these materials to wherever they need to go.

Coal Power Plants

As coal plants are still being used in some parts of the world, some companies help make them more efficient and provide transportation/installation.

Solar Industry

The solar industry is still being properly developed but is starting to pick up in some places. 

Getting solar towers set up requires experience and knowledge that few companies have in this area. They use heavy lifting gear to get the towers up and working correctly.

Thermal & Nuclear Power Plants

Thermal and nuclear power plants are the most used for energy generation. 

They are also somewhat dangerous if they are damaged. Choosing an experienced team is important to reduce the chances of damage or harming others on-site.

Land/marine forwarding

Choose a company that has land/marine forwarding abilities.

Offshore & Module Yard

Choosing a company with the assets and skills necessary for completing your tasks, whether offshore or module yards.

Typical heavy-lift cargo

There is a range of heavy-lift cargo that are commonly found for companies that specialise in this industry.

Military Equipment

A range of military equipment is moved using heavy lifting gear and must be done by experienced workers to ensure the equipment is not damaged or late on arrival. 

The military equipment could include a number of things from vehicles to specialised gear, but these are general things being used.

Which Industries Use Lifting Services UK


Generators are used on a range of sites and are used in case there is a blackout. Many industrial sites have heavy-duty generators to ensure you can supply power whenever it is needed. 

These generators have different weights depending on their size and how much power they are providing.


Satellites are quite heavy and need to be transported safely to their destination. 

The safety of the satellites is important as they can be quite expensive and hard to make if something goes wrong or parts break during transportation.


Turbines are used in a range of industrial sites. They are used to produce electricity from wind and also in power stations. 

Turbines can be difficult to move and install without heavy lift services and can be delicate in certain circumstances.


Reactors are used to create power and are extremely heavy. 

They are usually industrial grade to provide power to a large area.


Boilers can come in different sizes, just like other machinery, but these are also necessary for many buildings. 

These industrial boilers can weigh up to 165 tones, if not more.


Providing materials for tower construction and solar towers is essential but is a new development. 

Lifting services are necessary for these areas and require experience to get these things correct.


Presses that are industrial grade are used to print many papers for a large audience. 

To keep up with demand, the presses will need to be big and complex, but this means it is heavier and delicate in areas.


Locomotives come in all different shapes and sizes, which means their weight will change too. 

Professionals usually do the transportation of these cars as they can be expensive or in high quantity.


Boats can cost a lot, and so their transportation must be done correctly and carefully without any issues showing up.

If you need to lift heavy objects or machinery, we offer lifting equipment and lifting services for the construction and industrial industries.

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