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Uses of Gantry Cranes

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  • 15-01-2019
Uses of Gantry Cranes

Uses of Gantry Cranes in Industry

A gantry crane is a structure built atop a gantry. Its role is to straddle objects or a workspace. These cranes range from "full" gantry cranes to small shop cranes. The full gantry cranes can lift heavy loads while small shop cranes lift small loads such as automobile engines out of vehicles.

  • Warehousing 
  • Transportation 
  • Assembly 
  • Storage To Transport 

Among the many cranes, gantry cranes lift the object by a hoist. The hoist fits in a hoist trolley and moves horizontally on rails that fit below the bean. These cranes are mostly in use during shipbuilding as they can lift massive weight objects. When building a ship, these cranes are useful as they lift large ship engines. The small cranes are used in workshops.

Depending on where you plan to use gantry crane, they are in the form of different sizes for any industry. Besides, cranes differ in adjusting height feature. Some have fixed while others are adjusted. They have a cross beam and two upright beams. These gantry cranes are made using aluminium.

Gantry cranes have two legs. The legs bear an A-frame design, and the wheels are installed at the bottom, making them movable and portable. In the manufacturing industry, to transport large parts, a small version is used while a large gantry transports heavy and bulky materials. They can carry a weight of 4 tons.

Should I buy or hire a gantry crane?

 If you want to purchase a gantry crane, it is available from the manufacturers. The best place to buy is from a genuine dealer. A trustworthy company should have good track records, and their gantry cranes are of standard. Besides, the most important thing to acquire is a warrant. After purchase, ensure it is installed correctly has been tested before use. To attain a proper installation and test, qualified professions should be used in the installation of the gantry crane.

Several reasons will require to use a gantry crane. There are uses of gantry cranes in the industry, and if not purchased, an enterprise can rent. Renting a grant cranes has its benefits as you pay less and you don't need to invest in maintenance.