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Transformer Lifting and Installations

Our exeprt team provides high-quality engineering transport, lifting, and installation on a turnkey basis. This makes us your one stop shop for transformer lifting and installations. Moreover, we interpret the needs of the clients and work in collaboration with them throughout the project duration. 

Our experienced staff can install all the various kinds of power distribution equipment such as switchgear, transformers, and generators as well as being able to carry out cabling to a maximum and including 33kV. Also, if necessary, civil works can be properly undertaken.

Whatever the power engineering needs of a customer, we aim to provide a planned move and installation to the client's satisfaction. Furthermore, by assigning your project to us, the transformer installation can be strategised, programmed and finalised with little inconvenience all from a single source.

If you experience a breakdown our well-trained engineers available to assist you to reinstate your electrical supply, we can move your transformer, relocating it from one place to another, subsequently followed by doing all the essential tests to guarantee you a satisfactory operation.

Relocating a Transformer for Installation

During the transfer of a transformer and its installation, the following considerations need to be adhered to;

  • The transformer must never be moved using a forklift, and all the lifting needs to be done by either jacking or slinging while using proper connections.
  • While transporting the transformer by slinging, the centre of gravity might not be central to the transformer hence causing it to be too bulky.
  • Lifting the transformer appropriately is vital; therefore, all chains or slings must be appropriately positioned and not get into contact with the radiators or cable boxes.
  • The total weight specified on the transformer's rating plate does not include any main ring units or other items added.
  • Usually, the total weight of the assembled transformer can be found on its storage and handling guide. You can find the rating plates on the transformer. Add all these weights and include an appropriate safety factor to decide on the total weight.
  • During the relocation of the transformer using the crane, it is crucial you ensure all the chains have an accurate angle and length, thereby safeguarding the transformer does not get damaged.
  • Ensure that safety concerns such as fire barriers and fire zones are noted before delivering the transformer, and in case of any doubt, consult the relevant authority.
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