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Rolling System Machine Moving

Transporting heavy loads and moving fixed objects is a complex and challenging task. Therefore, engineers came up with a basic transport roller which is a great aid and can be found at rolling system machine moving. You can use it to roll under the relevant load and as a support of huge loads and heavy machinery.

Every time your machines break down, it costs you your money, time and stops production. Our rolling system for machine moving is dedicated to providing you with quality services and to keep your industry moving. We shall work with you and your machines in lifting schedules so that you can experience minimal or no downtime. Whether you're installing new equipment, relocating machinery, replacing machinery or relocating your factory, we shall be there to offer you a quality service. 

Benefits of Rolling System Machine Moving

  • A UK based heavy machinery moving, transport and relocation company
  • Dedicated lifting professionals with over 30 years of industrial experience
  • Access to a wide range of machine moving equipment to meet your needs.
  • Single machine moving in-order to complete factories and production lines
  • Fully managed to lift services, lifting schedules and plans.
  • We operate at a fast turnaround to achieve minimum interruption
  • Simple to complex services in-order to achieve a complete machine moving service

Heavy Item Moving Transport Rollers

Our transport rollers provide you with a compact and powerful solution for transporting your large and heavy loads. They are easy to use and extremely reliable. Moreover, our rolling system can be transported easily through the sides handles and conveniently placed in an upright position. They are made with a rubber surface which gives excellent grip to the load being transported. 

Our rolling system trolley is made of robust and long lasting welded steel construction materials, which is powder coated to provide reliable corrosion protection. This makes the trolley suitable for daily industrial use. Additionally, the trolleys are fitted with different numbers of nylon rollers depending on their capacity. The nylon rollers have a high load capacity and are made with chemical resistance materials in-order to give them a long service life. Nonetheless, they are resistant to abrasion, low rolling resistance, and non-marking. 

Rolling System Machine Moving Services

We are proud to offer you fast and efficient customer service from our management of lifting schedules. With time consideration, we shall work with you to complete your machine lifting work on time with great professionalism and expertise skills. We assure you that your fragile equipment will be handled with great care in the most demanding situation. We are the perfect solution for moving or completely relocating your factory lines within complex schedules, and we guarantee to get you back to business in no time.

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