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Plant Equipment And Handling

For removal and installation of plant and machinery, we are the UK's leading specialist. We have over 30 years of experience handling heavy-duty air-conditioning plant and switchgear/transformer equipment. With our vast experience, we are the premium provider of plant equipment and handling in the UK.

We ensure we carry a wide range of equipment to handle the machinery at our disposal. At our depot, we hold a vast stock of specialised moving and lifting equipment, such as mobile cranes, Versalift forklifts as well as an extensive range of lifting gantries. We also supply an operator for the cranes and forklift trucks if required.

Lifting Equipment

Our expert team operates gantry lifting equipment to tackle the work standard lifting equipment may find inaccessible, impractical or uneconomical. 

Alongside specialist gantry lifting, our team also manage conventional approaches to handling and lifting machinery and plant. Most of our road fleet vehicles and tracked plant units constitute a "working at height" protection for the operators, with our strict requirements and high safety standards often adopted as the "new industry" norm.

Why Choose Our Services?

We have skilled staff adequately trained in different aspects of the operational features, who will guarantee that any piece of equipment we supply operates correctly and safely. Assessments are carried out by the company supervisors on-site to make sure all operations are done correctly and to the highest possible standards. 

Safety is at the core of all our operations. We reduce the risk of danger in the workshop and during on-site work by employing zero-tolerance safety standards. 

Additionally, we collaborate with big manufacturers to offer extra safety features as standard on most of our items. For instance, our LGVS and dump trucks come fitted with cameras and sensors, which enables drivers to see their usual blind spots.

We are actively involved with our supply chain to drive down our carbon footprint as much as possible. We feel this will lead the way for others to minimise the environmental impact of construction plants. Furthermore, our latest piling rigs and new excavators feature Tier 3B/DPF engines that conform with the latest regulations and aim to cut down harmful emissions.

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