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Machine Moving with Air skates

Our air skate system has been used for a wide range of our machine moving projects over the years. With the knowledge and experience our operatives have, these impressive tools can be utilised for fast, effective results. Our operators have the necessary experience, as using this kit needs careful planning and skilled personnel.

For floored surfaces, our air skates are often the best choice for moving heavy equipment. They are the perfect solution to avoid possible damage by traditionally wheeled skates. With an inflatable bag compressed with air, the operators can move in any direction when lifting the load with little impact on the floor.

Why Use Air Skates?

Air Skates are important for moving loads on a cushion of air across smooth surfaces. These regulators can easily lift heavy objects in a very controlled way. This kind of precision cannot be achieved when using mechanical skates.

  • They make heavy loads to be moved and placed accurately and safely in any horizontal direction.
  • They enhance the ability to transport heavy objects between halls where big cranes cannot access.
  • The low friction ensures no damage is caused to the floor.
  • The load points on the floor are substantially reduced.

Benefits of moving machinery using air skates

Moving a machine weighing 15 tons would usually mean separating the units into different sections. This would need electrical disconnection and then the machine would need moving using mechanical skates or forklifts. It would then later be reassembled, meaning the machine will be grounded for about six days.

All these hassles of equipment downtime have been eliminated by our air skates, allowing full resumption of production by the client within 24 hours. Labour costs have also been significantly reduced by this easy move, avoiding losses in production.

Generally, the ease of movement in multi-directional ways is the biggest advantage. You can single-handedly move these machines on the floor, but for rough surfaces, it needs a few people to precisely place it into position.

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