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Industrial Lifting Equipment

Our specialist lifting services offer a range of equipment for use in industrial locations and factory premises. We provide industrial lifting equipment for machine moving, factory relocation and moving bulky or heavy items.

The equipment listed below is available as part of our lifting equipment for industrial projects. 

  • 145-tonne hydraulic gantry lift systems (to 6 metres)
  • 181-tonne hydraulic gantry lift systems (to 7 metres)
  • 272-tonne hydraulic gantry lift systems (to 10 metres)
  • 453-tonne hydraulic gantry lift systems (to 10 metres)
  • Air skates with a 24-tonne capacity 
  • Versalift 25/35 model and other specialist forklifts 
  • Nylon rolling system with a combined capacity of over 200-tonnes
  • Mobile cranes
  • Linked hydraulic ram jacking systems, long and short stroke rams up to 800-tonnes capacity 
  • International as well as national installation contracting 
  • Hoist FR 25/35 model with remote control 
  • Detailed planning and engineering 
  • Combined and co-ordinated installation and transport 
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