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Hydraulic Jacking System

Our machine moving service provides a variety of hydraulic systems, that range from hydraulic jacking systems to gantry lifting. We have some state of the art lifting and moving equipment used to precisely control major lifting projects like bridge support, architectural support and structural lifting.

Low Height Hydraulic Jacks

We have low height hydraulic jacks with a carrying capacity of 5-520 tons that are designed to work in the toughest environments. They are also equipped with locking collars that mechanically lock-off the ram after lifting, and swivel heads that ensure the load is centrally transferred through the jack.

Bespoke Hydraulic Jacks

We have bespoke hydraulic jacks and monitoring equipment designed and manufactured to suit many applications. These features include:

  • Preloading steelworks
  • Propping temporary systems that are used for bridge jacking
  • Bridge bearing replacement operations

Quality Jacks

Our range of hydraulic jacks is made up of both low height units, essential for shelf jacking and high capacity units, useful for high load requirements.  Furthermore, we have a bridge jack that is backed up by a wide range of pressurising equipment. These include manifolds, hoses, and pumps(single hand pumps to multi-outlet synchronised units).

Additionally, our jacking equipment's are of high quality from trusted and reputable brands which range from 6.5 kgs to 10 kgs. With a wide range of accessories, they are available for many different types of industries. These can be used with the extensive jacking equipment such as check valves, high-pressure hoses, cylinder attachments for clamping, pulling and pushing applications.

You can always contact our team for more information regarding our jack equipment!

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