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 Hydraulic Gantry Lifting Capacity

Choose from a range of hydraulic lifting gantries with lifting capacities between 20 and 453 tonnes. The jacking systems can extend up to 10 metres vertically.

Flexible Leasing

Whether your project is short-term or long-term, our hydraulic gantry rentals are available on a flexible leasing basis. Just call us for details 01234 240 177.

Hydraulic Gantry Rental

A hydraulic gantry system, also known as a jacking system, is an effective and flexible solution for industrial lifts, especially in confined spaces. Unlike traditional cranes, a gantry system can be set up under, around, next to or over a load to carry out the lift.

Using a remotely controlled hydraulic gantry for heavy lifting is very cost-effective.

Hydraulic Gantry Rental
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Benefits of a gantry system:

Versatile: Thanks to its compact size and high lifting capacity, hydraulic gantry lifting systems are ideal for virtually anywhere. Gantry systems are especially effective in confined spaces where overhead access and the use of cranes is not possible.

Balance: The lifting system is capable of hoisting unbalanced loads as it can use multiple-point lifts. This makes it ideal for keeping your load level during operation or moving awkward plant and machinery.

Efficient: The lifting system is easy to commission and decommission, helping you to make the most of its time on site.

Accuracy: Hydraulic gantry lifting system enables maximum accuracy when positioning your load as it has very precise, millimetre accurate controls.

Safety:Hydraulic gantry lifting systems are considered very safe as your load is equally distributed between the system's lifting points. A far higher lifting capacity can also be achieved on softer ground.

Projector Lifting Service have dedicated engineers and service crews which allow us to complete heavy lifting operations anywhere in the UK and abroad.

To discuss how a hydraulic gantry lifting system can be beneficial to your project, please get in touch via 01234 240 177 or use the form below.

A member of our friendly, knowledgeable team will be more than happy to answer your questions and discuss your requirements.

Hydraulic gantry lifting systems, rental and leasing available for short-term and long-term use.

You can choose hydraulic gantry lifting systems with a lifting capacity starting at 20 tonnes and going up to a lifting capacity of 453 tonnes.

The jacks can lift up to 10 metres vertically. Steel plates, tracks and beams are used to obtain a stable working ground in problem areas. As each hydraulic jack can lift independently of the others, it allows for any required adjustments to be made during the lifting and positioning of your load.

This system can be used with rails to move and position heavy loads across a wide span or distance. Projector Lifting Service's hydraulic gantry lifting systems have built-in features that optimise safety and stability during lifting operations.

Whatever you need to achieve you can hire additional accessories such as header beams, skid tracks, swivel hook beams, steel supports and slings, among other things for a complete gantry system tailored to your needs.

hydraulic gantry lifting system

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