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Hydraulic Gantry Lifting Systems

Hydraulic gantry lifting systems are ideal for accessing difficult sites, or where headroom is not possible. It is also referred to as a jacking system/mini-jack. It can be converted to solve the issue of lifting many heavy and awkward items on an industrial site or company premises.

The gantry system is versatile as it can be set up under the load, overload, around the load or even adjacent to the load you wish to lift. It is low cost so our lifting company can provide the service at an affordable rate. In some cases, traditional cranes are not effective, and permanent overhead structures make crane usage impossible. This is why the gantry system is the safest and most efficient way of lifting and positioning heavy loads.

You can take advantage of the system by using its hydraulic cylinders, steel beams and tracks. If used correctly in-order, you get the most adaptable and stable system for lifting, turning, lowering, traversing and tilting your plant and machinery.

Benefits of Hydraulic Gantry Lifting Systems.

  • They are made in small sizes that enable them to access small spaces and headroom, with a large lifting capacity.
  • Lifts items without the need of removing the roof and other obstacles around the lifting area.
  • Set up is rapid with drilling time that enables you to lift items in a quick and straight forward manner.
  • Greater lifting capacity with a low ground lifting capacity.
  • High precision level for your load to be positioned precisely.
  • Inherently safe as it equally suspends your load between the points of the lift system for stability. 
  • Lifting capacity of 1,000 tonne, which allows it to lift many items at once.
  • Gives you the option of using a remote machine room.

Variable Lifting Heights And Size

Our hydraulic gantry lifting systems reach a maximum height of 11,710mm, which is reachable in 3 stages. It also stands out from the traditional telescopic lifting galleries (TLG1000) systems. Its lifting capacity stays intact at every stage, due to its single stroke jack usage. It is smartly designed, in that it can be able to withstand a side load weighing up to 5.85% of the payload, although it depends on the soil stiffness and condition.

The high side load comes out as a result of a wide base that is available in two directions alongside a partially fixed connection between the header beam and the tower. This partially fixed connection eliminates the need for bar stabilisers, which in turn allows for a larger load size in the gantry.

When it comes to the base width, it has two configurations that are transversely placed on the track. That is a narrow configuration for lifting operations in confined areas and a wide configuration for more stability. Nonetheless, the narrow configuration is designed in accordance with 915 tracks, that are widely used in the industry. The combination of the two configurations offers a hybrid solution in the portal, with them being in opposite sides for a better lifting of items.

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