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Hoist FR Forklift

The FR series complies with all ANSI safety standards making it a premier choice for handling loads that are safe and efficient. A hydraulic multi-stage telescope boom and collapsible stand are manufactured in a standard format. Many of them are an FR/25 model, though this is optional.

Also, the quick-change fork system is made uniquely to accommodate the hoist lift truck. This is also standard on all FR series models, with operators switching between the fork and the boom in fewer minutes with no tools required during the process.

Additionally, we provide both rigger and machinery movers with a capacity range of 25,000 to 35,000 pounds with just a push of a button. The machine possesses a counterweight frame of the FR 25/35 35,000 pounds, with an extendable capacity lift truck which is designed to provide full capacity stability with extended load centres. 

It has stackable counterweights with removable hydraulic boom and collapsible boom stands that simplify transportation. They also feature quick-change forks for tons of flexibility. They have a 76-inch wheelbase and 24-inch load centre that is powered by a GM 3.0L L4 engine, two-speed hydrostatic drive with variable RPM control and heavy-duty planetary power wheels.

Forklift Services

Our high-quality equipment, combined with a high standard of customer service and value to our customers makes our team your first choice for forklift work. Benefits of our FR Forklift include:

  • Quick connection/ disconnection of hydraulic for maximum versatility and efficiency.
  • Safety valves that are built into the base of the lift cylinder to hold the load securely in-case of a hose failure.
  • A two-speed hydrostatic drive with variable RPM control.

Hoist FR Forklift Design

The extendable chassis design of the hoist FR Forklift series provides excellent versatility. It is made with robust and innovative frame design and extended load centres that give it stability to the full capacity. Moreover, it has a compact body that enables it to manoeuvre in confined areas.

We always employ state of the art equipment, trusted employees, and many years of experience to offer you the best services. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we make this happen by planning carefully and ensuring attention to detail during every phase of your project. Versatility is the key when it comes to the FR series 25/35 extendable counterweight lift truck. 

Due to this, we guarantee we will leave you with 100% satisfaction and full consideration of your time and budget.

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