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Machine Lifting Safety

Regardless of the size of the project, lifting equipment is heavy machinery and should be respected as such.

We have always taken health and safety seriously on-site during operation as mistreatment during lifting could lead to fatal consequences.

Over the years, our company has invested heavily into ensuring our personnel and equipment are compliant with industry standards.

All of our staff undergo continuous training to ensure that we are not only providing the most efficient service, but also the safest. This means one less thing to worry about when you choose to work with us.

lifting a ship out of a shipyard

We are dedicated to ensuring that our staff and all other personnel on-site work in the optimal environment for their health, safety and welfare. A copy of our Health and Safety Statement is available to read via the link below.

This document is revised annually in accordance with the latest relevant legislation and government guidelines. A physical signed copy can be obtained by contacting us on 01234 945 036 or duncan@projectorlifting.co.uk.

When you work with us for a lifting project, we will always ensure that all of the health and safety requirements are met at all stages of the project. All of our equipment and vehicles are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they are in optimal working condition. Wherever required, we are not shy to dedicate resources into training our team.

 Insurance Information

When hiring lift equipment, you should ensure you have sufficient insurance to cover:

  • Loss or damage to the equipment whilst on site (min £150K) 
  • Continuing hire charges whilst the equipment is out of service for repairs following any damage 
  • Injury to our operator and/or other employees whilst on your site Injury to other parties, including damage to property arising from the operation of the equipment 
  • Loss of, or damage to, the goods being lifted 

When you engage us for a Contract Lift project it includes comprehensive insurance cover for:

  • Loss of or damage to the equipment caused solely by our negligence in the performance of the lifting contract. 
  • Loss of or damage to goods in our care, caused solely by our negligence in the performance of a machinery movement contract, subject to a maximum liability of £1,000,000 in any one event. 
  • We carry 3rd party liabilty (PL & EL) up to a maximum of £20,000,000 in respect of loss or damage to other property and injury to persons 

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