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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about our heavy lifting services below with our frequently asked questions. Find out more about gantry crane hire, contract lift crane hire and CPA crane hire in the UK.

We offer industrial lifting services, factory relocation, machinery moving and transport. 

Gantry Crane Hire

These gantry cranes are generally used for lifting heavy objects and loads. Because the gantry cranes can lift weighty loads, they are used in manufacturing facilities, scrap yards, shipyards, railyards, steel mills and construction sites. In addition, the gantry cranes use strong legs to help support the heavy load. 

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The gantry crane is an overhead crane that has a single or double girder configuration. The configuration is supported by freestanding legs, which can move on wheels or track/rail systems depending on the type of crane systems.

The gantry crane system does not have to be attached to the buildings support structure, unlike the bridge crane. This can result in reduced cost for materials.

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Hydraulic gantry cranes are used to lift hefty loads over short or long term periods. The capacities for our lifts can vary between 20-453 tonnes.  With the capacities, the jacking systems or gantry crane lifts can extend up to 10 meters vertically. 

 To better understand which gantry crane you will require, give us a call on 01234 945 036.  

The commission and decommission of the hydraulic gantries are easy, which helps you be as efficient with your time.  The versatility of the gantry system is important as it can adapt and be used in confined spaces while providing the lift required. The gantries are also very safe as the load is balanced equally to keep the load stable and is accurate when positioning the loads.  

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We offer short-term and long-term uses, and for better details on how long the time can be and which gantries you can use, give us a call on 01234 945 036.

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Contract Lift Crane Hire

A full contract lift is where the contracted company hires the crane and a qualified operator to complete the tasks. Also, if agreed upon, the crane hire company takes responsibility for planning the lifts, selecting a suitable crane to use, designating an appointed person, arranging the sling and signalling, and supervising the lift. 

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If you are confident in creating the designs, effectively using the crane, and using the proper signals, you should do a standard crane hire. However, if you are not confident or believe it would be done better by someone else, having a contract lift is better. 

When the crane is under the control of the crane hire company, they are responsible for any damages the crane gets while at the worksite. However, if you are using it, you are liable for the damages.

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With the contract hire, the crane hire company will take on a few responsibilities. The plans for the lift with the suitable crane and designated appointed person for the supervision of the lift. 

They also take on the majority of the risks for injury to the driver and property damage while under the control of the crane hire company.

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There are a few benefits of using contract lifts. While under the crane hire companies control, the damage to the crane and equipment while on-site belongs to the crane hire company. The goods lifted by the crane hire company are insured against loss or damage.

If the equipment or crane is rendered incapable of function due to damage, the customer is not liable for charges. 

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CPA Crane Hire

CPA stands for Construction Plant Hire Association, and any CPA hire companies must adhere to the terms and conditions set under "The Safe Use Of Cranes".

The company is responsible for providing you with a crane in good working condition and fully maintained with the CPA crane hire.  The crane that is provided should be tested and certified and can be verified by the crane company.  Also, the crane hire company should provide you with a crane operator who must be fully certified and competent for the tasks at hand.

A fully qualified appointed person who takes care of all aspects of the lifting operation needs to be found by you. A qualified Crane supervisor. A qualified Slinger/signaller.  

CPA crane hire does not provide these three things, and you will need to find them yourself. In addition, you are responsible for checking all certifications and credentials.

CPA Crane Hires contracts can be easier to arrange, and the upfront costs are generally lower than other contracts.

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Industrial Lifting Services

You need to consider a few things'the general principles or the issues that may occur during the job. Major hazards also need to be considered and codes of practice that are related to lifting procedures.

A few factors need to be considered in the planning phase. For example, working under suspended loads, environment, location, visibility, hazards, pre-use checking etc. 

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A few factors need to be considered in the planning phase. For example, working under suspended loads, environment, location, visibility, hazards, pre-use checking etc. 

We offer a range of lifting equipment services.

There are three main types of lifting machines which include forklifts, winches and cranes/hoists. 

LOLER stands for Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. The LOLER provides general information for what an employer needs to do to ensure the employees have a safe workplace. 

The LOLER includes any equipment used for lifting or lowering loads, including attachments used for anchoring. These regulations cover a range of lifting equipment, including cranes, forklift trucks, lifts, hoists, vehicle inspection platforms and mobile elevating work platforms.

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Factory Relocation

In most factory relocations, this can include dismantling and reassembling services. This can consist of removing specific items within an existing plant and transferring them to a new plant.

The relocation of a factory can be a difficult job. You need to plan your move easily.

 Identify your strengths and weaknesses (being realistic about your capabilities).

 Audit and document your machinery (some parts might not be in the best state, and you need to decide whether to take them or remove them).

 Design a relocation schedule.

 Create a factory relocation checklist. 

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The highest cost can occur from how long your business is stopped from the move. Also, you will need to get a quote from the company to decide how long the job will take, which might mean having someone tour the buildings and equipment. 

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Machinery Moving and Transport

Preparation is the best thing to do in this situation. Map the best and quickest routes (ensure you can fit in the areas and support the weight you are carrying), apply for a transport permit, and immobilize the wheels for the equipment. You will also have to get outfit transport vehicles with flashing lights and signs. 

There are a few things that you need to consider when transporting machinery.  

First, check the manuals for the equipment (some manuals have details for their transportation). 

Check the route to ensure you fit, and it is safe to go. 

Avoid wide load designations.

Removing parts of the equipment which are overweight or too high and ship them separately. 

If the part is overlength, you should try to take it apart if there aren't many leeways.  

If the equipment is too wide, you cannot know about it, but this is rare.

We offer a range of machinery lifting projects throughout the UK.

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