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What Is Contract Lifting and CPA Hire?

We are often asked to explain the difference between the services that we offer; CPA (Construction Plant-hire Association) Hire and Contract Lifting. The information provided below explains the difference. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us for more details.

Contract Hire

A "Contract lift" is where our trained operators complete the work for you. 

In the case of a contract life, we do the planning and select the most appropriate equipment for the job. Particular slinging and signalling plans are then selected, and then selected, and the work is inspected to ensure everything is going well.  

CPA Hire

 You are also responsible for hiring the crane and hydraulic equipment. 

 Your employees will do the planning, control of the machinery and taking charge of the entire project. 

 However, you can hire the equipment together with the personnel who have the know-how to use them. They must also know how to do the planning as well as the general supervision of the project. 

 Either of these options require you and your employees to follow the safety precautions as stipulated by law. 

Please Note: When you hire lifting equipment, you take the legal responsibility of ensuring a plan is put in place for safe execution. However, in the case of contract lifting, our insurance policy covers everyone.

Which service do I choose?

When you have chosen a hire, the personnel in charge will work as per your schedule and the instructions that you give. You will provide the timetable for the lift, choose the plant and provide the details of the slinging and signalling plans. This means that you do the supervision work as well as take charge of everything going on at the plant. 

The operator should never commence any work at the plant without having seen the plans and verified with your foreman that they are indeed an accurate record of what you want. Being an expert, they have to ensure that the plans cover all the necessary areas for the work to be completed to your standards. Yet, this doesn't mean the operator is in charge or has done the planning. It just ensures everything is in order before the work commences. 

Please Note:  Additionally, when our personnel visit the plant to gather information, this should not be interpreted as they are taking responsibility for the operations. It implies they want to help in selecting the best equipment for the job.

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