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Contract Lift Crane Hire

Buckinghamshire based company covering the UK and working Globally

You can take advantage of our range of flexible hydraulic gantry lifting systems which are available for hire under CPA hire or on a contract lifting basis.

Our company are experts within the Contract Lifting Industry with many years of experience. We can provide all the equipment, crane hire, and lifting services you require.

Every lifting operation needs careful planning; we will work closely with you to endeavour all aspects of health and safety are covered.

What is Contract Lifting and CPA Hire?

We offer Contract Lifting and CPA Hire for Buckinghamshire and the UK. But which is right for you? 

Our fully experienced team will visit your location, providing you with all the help and advice you require. They will check the area and conditions of the site, helping you plan your operation and the suitable crane required.

We are adequately experienced in both options and can offer you a tailored solution for your project or long-term needs. However large or small your project, we have a solution for you.

If you are unsure which option is the best for your project, have a look at the side-by-side comparison below or give us a call on 01234 945 036, and we'll be happy to help. We will be pleased to provide you with any further information you require.

CPA hire

As the client, you must act as the general overseer of the entire lifting process, including choosing suitable plant and machinery and dictating slinging and signalling.

  • In a In a CPA Hire preparation, the plant and the operator are subject to your directions.
  • At the arrival of the plant at your lift location, the operator will review your lift plan. They will make sure all aspects of health and safety are covered correctly.
  • The operator can only proceed once he confers and agrees with your supervisor.
  • When you hire an operator and the lift equipment on CPA, they execute the operation under CPA rules.
  • When you hire an operator and the lift equipment on CPA, they execute the operation under CPA rules.
  • You must have a person responsible for running the planning, controlling and supervision processes.
  • As the client, you are responsible for the safety of the operators and all personnel in the CPA construction plant hire.
  • You are liable for the health and the safety of the operator, guaranteeing his protection under your insurance cover.

Contract Lifting

With a Contract liftWith our Contract lift services, we alleviate you of the responsibility for planning and execution, relying on our expertise and distinguished safety record.

  • In a contract lift, we execute the whole plan on your behalf. We oversee everything from the slinging, signalling and taking charge of ensuring that the lifting process is adequately documented and successful.
  • We specify every element of equipment to suit your project and ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  • When you hire us for contract lifting, we are liable for the health and the safety of the operator, guaranteeing his protection under our insurance cover.

It's important to note that the operator will only proceed if satisfied that the lift plan covers essential safety and lifting procedures in a CPA hire. However, this should not translate to the operator taking charge of the planning.

Sometimes a representative from the Projector Lifting Service Ltd may be on-site to collect information or help you choose the lift equipment. Similarly, this should not translate to the person taking responsibility for the lifting process; it is merely to assist you in making your choice.

Benefits of Contract Lift

There are many benefits of contract lift crane hire, and we understand how important it is to hire the right team.

  • If you have a complex lifting project, we will provide everything you require. We offer the ideal on-site solution as opposed to simply hiring a crane.
  • When you hire a contract lift, our professional team take on almost all the responsibility and risk. We comply with all Health and Safety at Work aspects and plan the lift and operate the lift following a safe work system.
  • All the crane operators we supply are both highly qualified and competent with extensive knowledge of contract lifting operations. 
  • We will provide a qualified appointed person, a qualified Slinger/Signaller, a qualified Crane Operator and a qualified Crane Lift Supervisor. Every one of our team is fully skilled, knowledgeable and highly competent.
  • Every crane we supply is fully certified, regularly maintained and tested, and is the correct type and correct capacity for the contract lifts involved. 
  • We will provide full risk assessments and method statements for all aspects of the lift, including a site survey, ground conditions and the goods being lifted.
  • All our work is carried out in full accordance with BS7121, the code of practice for the safe use of cranes.
  • Our crane hire company has many years of experience within the industry, so you can rest assured that your lifting project will be completed safely and timely without you having to worry about the complexities of the lift.  
  • Our contract lift hire is a service we offer nationwide and globally. 

Depending on the individual project, both hire options are equally viable. If you are unsure which option is the most suitable for your project, please get in touch to speak with a specialist engineer from our team.

We will be able to give you all the advice and information you require. We work closely with all our customers providing solutions to all their contract lifting requirements.

Lifting systems between 20 and 453 tonnes are available for heavy machinery lifting. You can choose which option is most cost-effective for your business, whether the leasing or our equipment's rental.

If you require gantry contract lift crane hire services in Buckinghamshire or throughout the UK, our team are the premium provider of contract lifting and CPA crane hire. 

Ask us today about how we can help. Call 01234 945 036 to discuss your lifting requirements.

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