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Cargo Transportation

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  • 18-12-2018
Cargo Transportation

Cargo Transportation

All manufacturing, transport and packaging firms are required to move their goods from the point of production or entry to an inspection area or storage. Some of these products are extremely heavy to be carried by human beings or ordinary trolleys. Therefore, if your firm does the production of heavy cargo, you can use a hydraulic gantry system instead of the conventional cranes to carry out the transportation task.

Even though traditional cranes can carry out the same task, their limitations make them an unsuitable choice for accomplishing the goal. 

For instance, due to the design of most warehouses, there is a limited overhead space in assembly or manufacturing plants. 

However, you can comfortably use a hydraulic gantry system in such an environment to do the required transportation task. 

loading a generator onto a lorry

Due to the compact design of the hydraulic gantry system, it is easier to transport this system to any part of the factory to aid in cargo transportation. Otherwise, this would require thorough modifications of the factory to accommodate the traditional overhead cranes. Remember, you can even containerise this lift system and move it your substation or any other required location.

transporting a tanker

Third, when you need to move the cargo using a gantry system, you don’t need to invest in a lifting device such as a strand jack or a winch. 

Traditional cranes can only lift your cargo vertically, thereby exhibiting limited versatility if you need to transport the load horizontally.

However, with hydraulic gantry system, you can slide the cargo on the tracks, making it possible to transport it from one point to the other. 

Lastly, unlike using conventional overhead cranes in transporting your cargo, using hydraulic gantry system has low operational costs. Regardless of the point of view you take, there is always a huge financial relief when you use a hydraulic gantry system instead of the traditional cranes for transportation. 

Take, for instance, the system’s setup process – due to its compact design, it is easy and affordable to transport this lifting system to your workstation. You can save lots of costs when it comes to power – you can use electricity which contributes to keeping your operational costs at the minimum.